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Late at night
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Late at night, I was still sitting at the window and looking up at the dark blue sky, the moon was smiling, and the swaying, especially charming. Suddenly, a black shadow fell from the moon and was getting closer and closer to me. Ah, I saw it, it was a flying saucer, and there was still a person sitting on it. After a while, the flying saucer landed beside my window, and a child wearing a heavy cosmic eye walked down from above. She said a lot to me, but unfortunately I can't understand it. Suddenly, I remember talking to the moon people to see the monitor on their chest. So, I looked at her chest, and the display clearly showed: "What is your name? Will you go with me to the moon?" I am very happy, hurriedly put on the cosmic suit, put on the display and said: "I Called Zhonghua, I am willing to go to the moon." She is also very happy, said: "My name is Lulu, the children's envoy of the International Embassy of the Moon, let's go!" We took the flying saucer and flew to the moon Cheap Cigarettes, less than a quarter of an hour. We landed on the moon. Just after flying the saucer, I couldn't help but have a cold war. It's so cold! Looking up, the icebergs and snows are shining with cold light, the vast land, the uninhabited, the desolate scenery, is this charming moon? I am a little regretful. The road seemed to see my mind, and said with a smile: "This is just the appearance of the moon. You may not want to go inside when you look inside!" I had to walk into a hole with her, and the bigger the hole, the bigger the hole. The colorful street lights are flickering and faint; all kinds of air-cushion cars are flying fast, and the strange-shaped high-rise buildings stand on the beautiful night view of the roadside Cigarettes Online. "This is a dungeon." The road smiled and introduced me: " We lived on the surface too desolate, and the ancestors created this 'underground world'." I listened and couldn't help but admire the wisdom of the moon. We came to Deyue International Hotel, where everything is inflated, round the roof, with fifty floors, like an old castle. We found a clean, elegant room to stay. "It's time to get up." The robot standing in front of my bed wakes me up. I got dressed and had breakfast. I took the air-conditioned car that was automatically stopped and stopped with the road to the botanical garden. "The flute -" the airlock car screamed and drove into the botanical garden. As soon as I walked into the botanical garden, I was shocked: the rice was as big as an egg, and it made a tempting rice scent; the corn was even more squeaky, just like a big golden doll... The apple was as big as a bowl, red all: duck Pears are like watermelons, yellow and clear; grapes, like fists, watery, purple and shiny... I looked at it, a tall tree attracted me, silvery broadleaf, leaves The small florets of millet size are open between the teeth, which is very beautiful. "This is "this is a fruitless flower, only flowering is not the result, it is a treasure of the moon, and no other planets." "The road continues with my words, proudly." "I quickly pressed the micro-button camera and took the "moon treasure". After visiting the botanical garden, we took the bus to the robot hospital. We received a beautiful aunt, who led us to visit. Robot emergency room, robot consultation room... I am also amazed by the robot maintenance room. I asked: "How to set up a hospital in the maintenance room?" Lu Lu said: "Because this hospital is very large, the hospital is also a robot, parts After the breakdown, the maintenance is not convenient, and the maintenance room is set up. "At this point, I realized that Auntie is also a robot, so rare!! Out of the robot hospital, we came to the TV center, I saw a large model of color TV set in the hall, the robot pressed the red button, The screen of the TV is on, oh! It turns out that the TV is three-dimensional, and I smell it again, oh! With the changes in the scenes on the TV show, there are different smells coming out, everything seems to happen to me. The same way around. Lu Lu said: "Now the TV on the moon is colorful, three-dimensional, smelly. "I have also arrived at children's paradise, racetrack, parks, big forests... so many places, they have left a strange impression on me. The ten-day trip is coming to an end. Another night has come, at this time I was full of harvest and was sent back to the earth by the road. We held our hands tightly and said that we couldn��t tell the difference. Finally, the road boarded the flying saucer and said with tears: "Goodbye!" In the darkness of the night Newport Cigarettes, my eyes are blurred, but I am sober again: I want to contribute to the earth with the knowledge I learned on the moon. I reflected the moonlight, I picked up the pen.<br/>Related articles:<br/> Marlboro Cigarettes
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