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The NFL will hold its supplemental draft on Wednesday
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 and one of the players considered to be a likely selection spent some time with one of the league’s teams on Tuesday.Agent Brad Cicala told Tom Pelissero of NFL Media that his client Jalen Thompson visited with the Packers on Tuesday. In addition to any conversations that might have taken place [url=][/url] , Thompson took a physical with the team’s medical staff.The results of the safety’s physical will be shared with the other 31 teams in the draft.Thompson held a workout in Los Angeles on Monday that was reportedly attended by representatives of 26 teams. Falcons coaches ran the drills for that workout and the Patriots, Rams, Dolphins, Colts and Cardinals were reported to have interest in him.Thompson is one of five players eligible for selection in the supplemental draft. He and West Virginia wide receiver Marcus Simms are considered the likeliest selections. Any team picking a player in the supplemental draft will forfeit their pick from the same round in the 2020 draft.Syracuse linebacker Shyheim Cullen, Northland tight end Devonaire Clarington and St. Francis defensive back Bryant Perry are the other players in the draft pool. If you can’t beat ’em, redefine what it means to lose to ’em.Financially, all NFL teams win. Bigly. Competitively, the Patriots have cracked the code on how to consistently kick everyone else’s asses, and that drives everyone else crazy.So what do these other teams do? They’ve tried, on multiple occasions [url=]Joe Haeg Jersey[/url] , to replace “they’re simply much, much better at this than us” with “they cheat.” And now that the Patriots have won three of the last five Super Bowls and appeared in three in a row four years after the Colts instigated a grossly trumped-up cheating scandal, Colts owner Jim Irsay is trying to redefine what it means to be the greatest team ever, at a time when the greatest team ever is staring him right in the face.“The G.O.A.T. Standard for NFL Teams is simple and I’ve discussed the seemingly impossible goal with many in NFL circles over the last half of Century,” Irsay tweeted on Saturday. “3 World Championships in a row. NO ONE’S DONE IT! Colt’s [sic] Fans Dream Boldly.” (Irsay, in a subsequent tweet, clarified his claim to mean three straight championships in the Super Bowl era, because the three NFL titles in a row thing has been done, by the Packers, twice.)Well [url=]John Simon Color Rush Jersey[/url] , Jim, if/when someone wins three Super Bowls in a row, we can compare that accomplishment to what the Patriots have done. Until that happens, the debate must be confined to the available evidence. And the available evidence points inescapably to the fact that, in an era of free agency, the salary cap, and (ostensibly) parity, the Patriots have appeared in nine Super Bowls in 18 years, they’ve won six of them, and they continue to play deep into January (or February) every year [url=][/url] , retreat to 0-0 with everyone else, and then find a way to climb to the top of the mountain all over again.Irsay, clearly not understanding that the term “greatest of all time” is a title that never was meant to be vacant, seems to think that his team can win three in a row. Maybe they can. But, surely, G.M. Chris Ballard, coach Frank Reich, quarterback Andrew Luck, and the rest of the franchise would prefer that the bar set by Irsay be slightly lower.