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Introduction to the use and maintenance of ultra-fine grinding
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1. First of all, the use of ultrafine mill operators requires some training in equipment common sense and has certain professional knowledge. Before using ultra-fine grinding, a series of trainings are required for workers, including the working principle of the equipment and precautions for use, so that they can fully understand the product.
2. Secondly, the maintenance of superfine grinding is a meticulous work. Generally speaking, the service life of a device has a lot to do with its daily maintenance. For example, the same product, some customers can use it for more than 5 years, and some customers can only use it for more than 3 years. The reason why there is a difference is here.
3. Again, equipment safety knowledge training must be strengthened. ultrafine mill operators must follow the product's Equipment Safety Operation Manual to avoid unnecessary troubles, not only delay the normal work, but also cause damage to the human body and equipment.
4, the normal use of ultra-fine grinding, also need to pay attention to some details. For example, the equipment should be regularly added with lubricating oil, regularly clean the dust on the equipment, etc. When you hear the abnormal noise caused by the ultra-fine grinding, you should immediately stop the machine to check the fault.