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The role of construction waste crusher in waste disposal
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Construction waste is the most promising potential. The rise of construction waste treatment, known as “misplaced resources”, has led to continuous innovation in construction waste crusher.
The construction waste crusher can crush the construction waste into various aggregates and powders. It can produce various environmentally-friendly bricks, hollow bricks, etc., and can make concrete mixing, make mixed mortar and bagged mortar, which can make money. The construction waste treatment equipment is crushed into pieces having a diameter of less than 2 cm after being subjected to primary crushing, sieving, and re-crushing. The sand substitutes can be mixed together according to a certain share, and sent to the mixer through the conveying equipment for mixing and fermentation. In the future, the fermented excipients are mixed with the pulverized construction waste, additives, etc., and then mixed again, and then mixed into a molding apparatus and extruded. That is, the brick made of construction waste is reacted at a certain temperature, and it is quickly formed.
The construction waste treatment equipment adopts the construction waste crusher technology of ***, and the wastes such as construction waste and non-metallic solid waste of building materials are crushed by the mobile crusher, and can produce various new construction materials that meet the quality inspection standards, according to equipment and equipment. The useful utilization rate of different construction waste can reach 80-***, no secondary pollution occurs, and it can complete the environmental protection effect of near zero pollution and zero emissions. This shows that the construction waste disposal project has a long-term vision, and earning money is just around the corner.