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Trekking in Nepal is re-living the historical moments of trekking journey accomplished by the adventurers of yesteryears. An epic adventure and one of its kinds in the entire universe C.J. Mosley Hat , as it has an excellent compilation of exquisite and elusive trekking destinations, showcasing vibrant and versatile diverse natural splendors along with majestic Himalayan range that holds eight of the world’s highest mountains, the final frontier being the Mount Everest. Trekking in Nepal presents you with rich geographical, cultural and religious diversity as well. Trekking in Nepal has always served in the best interest of trekkers worldwide Curtis Martin Hat , presented with easy, moderate and strenuous trekking destinations in the mountains depending upon your interest and availability of time. Trekking in Nepal is also about an impressive walk through an array of oak and rhododendron forests covered under the towering backdrop of majestic and snowcapped peaks providing a fascinating feel and flavor to the entire trekking circuit in Nepal.

Trekking in Nepal is the best idea to experience the Himalayan region, ways of life and culture of the indigenous people residing in remote corners of their respective regions. Trekking in Nepal is an excellent bag of variations in terms of getting an insight into the pristine culture and tradition of various ethnic groups like Sherpa, Tamang Trenton Cannon Hoodie , Gurung, Thakalis, Magar, and other communities of the region. Nepal is blessed with outstanding trekking trials along with less frequented trekking circuits or one can say off the beaten tracks. Depending upon the trail and interest one can choose the trekking tail of his or her choice. However off the beaten tracks provide with amazing surprises as it is less crowded and a chance to experience hidden and mysterious Nepalese traditional unchanged lives and culture. Generally well established and fanous classical trails such as Everest base camp trail Chris Herndon Hoodie , Annapurna Base Camp trail, Gokyo Lakes trail, Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek, Langtang trekking trail are loaded with local teahouseswhere you can stay and eat. You need to do camping andor homestay trek in off beaten tracks. Trekking in Nepal is possible throughout the year Joe Namath Hoodie , however depending upon the region and trail of your trek you choose; more suitable seasons are there for you to help enjoy the mountain sceneries. Generally for all classical trails March-May in Spring and October -December in autumn is the best time. The rain shadow region of upper Mustang and Manang, can be trekked during the monsoon. Some flamboyant enduring trekkers opt to trek during the monsoon region to be at solitary peace while trekking in Nepal. Destination Himalaya Treks & Expedition offers a variety of both standard classical trek programs as well as customized trekking itineraries. Our entire trekking trip is designed with you in mind - whether you are a novice with no trekking experience or whether you are an experienced mountaineer looking for variety of options, we have something for you that suit your interests. Our incomparable itineraries reflect our expertise in the Nepal Trekking sector, offering guided treks ranging from ordinary to challenging as well as an adventure trekking and mountaineering program

Destination Himalaya Trek & Expedition is also a keen follower of sustainable and environment friendly practices in all our trekking trips and expeditions. As we have always strived to support in one or the other way to the community and the environment during our trekking trip. Let us join hands together and make a memorable trekking journey for a social as well as an environmental cause and make history with us while Trekking in Nepal.

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